Pursuit of optimal energy mix and realization of low-carbon society through construction and operation of power network

Chubu Electric Power Company, Incorporated


From the viewpoint of “S + 3E”, which aims simultaneous achievement of Energy Security, Economic Efficiency and Environment, we will pursue to perform optimal energy mix based on the major premise of ensuring safety.
In this context, we will continue our efforts to realize a low-carbon society through energy business from Power Generation, Power Transmission/Distribution to Customer Service & Sales, by way of promoting continuous utilization of nuclear power generation and effective use of renewable energy such as solar and wind power.
On the other hand, great structural changes of future electric power supply and demand are expected due to development of decentralization of power supply and expanded introduction of renewable energy and storage batteries and so on.
Under such environmental changes, we will work on establishing stable and resilient communities through construction and operation of power network facilities to make high-efficient and stable utilization of distributed resources and offer of new services to our customers.
Specifically, we will promote to develop products and systems which contribute to energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission and to develop technique for making more high-efficient and stable utilization of renewable energy.
In addition, we will also build efficient and stable supply system through electrification of vehicles of logistics and transportation business providers and promotion of connecting storage batteries through improvement of EV environment by way of utilization of up to date digital technologies and data and so on.
Through these new business, we will contribute to create sustainable communities and reduce CO2.


Based on our stance above, we will implement further challenging initiatives. For example, we are currently proceeding development of technology and business as below.

〈Energy Efficiency〉
・ Development of the CRFP Rapid Heating Device “HD Thermo II/CP”
・ Development of a system to Support Energy Conservation at Die Casting Plants
・ Development of  the “Q-ton circulation”  circulation heating heat pump

・ Development of reliability technology for forecasting photovoltaics(PV) output
・ Impact on long-distance distribution lines when the voltage stability limit is reached due to interconnection of solar generators
・ Development and Sales of New Lightning Strike Detector for Wind Power Stations
・ Research on RTDS simulation model of power storage system for renewable energy
・ Study of Biomass Cascade use using Sorghum

〈Zero Emission〉
・ The actualization of sustainable society through vehicle electrification of logistics and transportation operators
・ Virtual power plant project stars in Toyota City :Management household and corporate power demand to verify feasibility of locally producing and consuming renewable energy
・ Improving efficiency of maintenance for power distribution equipment using drones and AI

・ Development of next-generation, thyristor-type step voltage regulator
・ Development of a system to measure displacement of  surf-riding cable in manhole using LPWA

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