Advanced technology for buildings providing energy-saving and comfortable indoor environment (under Net Zero Energy condition)

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Fig.1 "ZEB-related technology demonstration building" (image)

(L) Fig.2 BELS Certification Plate | (R) Fig.3 CASBEE Wellness Office Evaluation Certificate


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is envisioned Net Zero Energy Building Test Facility of its Information Technology R&D Center in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa pref. (Fig.1) has become Japan’s first medium-scale (over 6,000 m2) urban office building under construction to receive a top-level BELS 5-star rating (☆☆☆☆☆) and Net Zero Energy Building (『ZEB』) certification from the Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System, a third-party certification organization in Japan (Fig.2). The certification recognizes the facility’s projected reduction in energy consumption by 103% (includes production of photovoltaic energy) compared with its surrounding region’s average consumption levels, measuring total energy consumption. In addition, the CASBEE Wellness Office, which was evaluated by the General Foundation Law and the Building Environment and Energy Conservation Agency, obtained the highest S rank certification (Fig.3).
In line with Mitsubishi Electric's concept of “ZEB + ®” that we put forward, we will upgrade buildings, including services that maintain values such as productivity, comfort, convenience, and business continuity throughout the building life cycle. As well as energy saving, we will promote technology development to provide comfortable indoor environment which contributes to productivity and job satisfaction to those who work in.


There is a growing global belief that the long-term growth of the global economy, which is important for corporates activities, requires the three perspectives of ESG. Above all, the perspective on energy is extremely important for a sustainable society. Our company has been working on ZEB to contribute to society for energy conservation measures. The ZEB-Related Technology Demonstration Building will be constructed by the Company to conduct demonstration experiments with the aim of accelerating the development of ZEB-related technologies suitable for urban areas. Operation is scheduled to begin in September 2020. This case, we reviewed and optimized the design conditions of the entire building, developed and introduced various ZEB solutions such as air conditioning, lighting, and solar power generation, and improved the efficiency of equipment and systems. The energy reduction rate (including energy created by solar power generation) has achieved a certification of approximately 103%. BELS is a labeling system for energy-saving performance of buildings, which is certified by a third-party certification body that has been recognized by the Housing Performance Evaluation and Labeling Association based on the Building Energy Conservation Act. The ratio of primary energy consumption at design time to the standard primary energy consumption of BEI is used as an index, and it is displayed with five star marks according to the rank of energy saving performance. The better the performance, the greater the number of stars. 『ZEB』 is a building with zero or no annual secondary energy consumption and is the highest ranked ZEB in the BELS certification system.
The global ZEB market is expected to grow to 40 trillion yen in 2030, and to 130 billion yen (150 buildings) in 2020 and 630 billion yen (700-1,000 buildings) in 2030 (Our forecast). As the first “ZEB planner” of an electric machine manufacturer, we contribute to the spread of ZEB by providing planning and business support to businesses aiming to realize ZEB. With the construction of this demonstration building, as part of activities to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will accelerate the development of ZEB-related technologies and apply them sequentially to businesses, resulting in excellent energy savings. Aiming to create a comfortable living space, we aim to obtain WELL certification that references many US standards after completion. In addition, we will pursue initiatives aiming at realizing a strong concept such as productivity, comfort, convenience and business continuity, and promote technological development based on our "ZEB + ®" concept.


In cooperation with Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. regarding the construction of the ZEB-related Technology Demonstration Building

Supplementary information

1. News Release
(1) Mitsubishi Electric Facility Receives Net Zero Energy Building Certification. First medium-scale office building to be certified in Japan while still under construction.

(2) Mitsubishi Electric's ZEB-related Technology Demonstration Building Acquires CASBEE Wellness Office S Rank Certification.

2. Documents
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(6) “Initiatives to achieve 『ZEB』and further increase the added value of the building in the “ZEB-related technology demonstration building” that combines advanced technologies,” Building Equipment Comprehensive Seminar 122nd, Lecture, Dec. 2019.

3. Global Website
 Beyond zero energy. Mitsubishi Electric ZEB+®.

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