Contribute to the environment through the use of digital technology and reduce the environmental burdens as a result of business activities in order to achieve a zero-emission society



We see achieving zero emissions as an issue that should be addressed not only through our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our business activities, but also through the services of the BIPROGY Group and the digital commons the Group builds and participates in. We aim to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing services that promote carbon neutrality and the circular economy, and by cooperating and collaborating towards achieving a carbon-free society.

The BIPROGY Group is working to maximize climate change business opportunities by providing services and building business ecosystems that contribute to solutions to various environmental problems and thus raise its corporate value in the medium to long term.



Examples of Services Provided that Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation

● Increasing energy efficiency and spread the use of renewable energy through energy solutions

Leveraging its system construction know-how acquired in the power industry over many years, knowledge obtained by participating in numerous verification projects,1 and other elements, the Group is expanding numerous energy-related businesses to build a sustainable energy society. As for the Energy Resources Aggregation Business (ERAB),2 which is expected to grow in the future and includes the retail power platform Enability series, we are providing not only AI-based excess solar power forecast service for retail producers but also resource control service for high-voltage power consumers, which offers various benefits including greater energy efficiency and remote control of load facilities. Envisioning changes in markets, demand, and other factors as stricter policies and regulations are imposed on greenhouse gas emissions, we are also proactively conducting research and development and making investments to create new value.


1 The main projects we are taking part in are the Project for Configuring Virtual Power Plants through the Intelligent Use of Consumers -side Energy Resources, which is being conducted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, and “study on an increase in the non-fossil fuel energy use value (study on Tracking Information for FIT non-fossil fuel energy certificates)”, which the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, an external agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is undertaking.

2 The business concept is to aggregate the distributed energy resources owned by consumers (energy farms, eco farms, HEMS, etc.) and use them as an stabilizing energy system.



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F Bit Communications Corp.


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■Biprogy Group Integrated Report2021

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