Contributions to low-carbon and cyclic societies

Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.


 The Nisshinbo Group will implement the Corporate Philosophy “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People” to foster unity in diversity and enhance corporate value. In addition, as an “Environment and Energy Company” group, we will provide solutions for solving global environmental problems.

 Nisshinbo Chemical Inc. supplies environment- and energy-related products, as the core company in the Nisshinbo Group engaging in the chemical business.

 “CARBODILITE” has become an indispensable material as an additive and a crosslinking agent for such items as bio-plastics, water-based paints, adhesives for electric materials, and PET film in the manufacture of various environment-friendly products. Year by year, we have been expanding the applications of “CARBODILITE” in every field of electronics, automobiles, and construction materials etc.

 We will continue our efforts to develop new and original technologies, to improve functionality and performance, and to supply the next-generation chemical products needed by society.



 "CARBODILITE" is a reactive polymer based on our proprietary carbodiimide resin.It has unique characteristics that combine high chemical reactivity and low toxicity. By adding it as an additive to water-based paints/inks and various resins (biodegradable plastics, polyurethane elastomers, etc.), various physical properties such as durability and adhesion can improve.
 In the fields of automobiles, architectural paints and inks, there is a demand for “CARBODILITE”, which is water-soluble, highly safety, and expected to lower the temperature of the drying process from the viewpoints of compliance with VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations and reduction of environmental load.
 In recent years, due to the problem of marine microplastic pollution, environmentally friendly plastics, especially biodegradable plastics, have been increasingly used globally. "CARBODILITE" can improve the durability without impairing the biodegradability of the biodegradable plastic, improves the physical properties, and has high safety, so it is possible to expand the range of application of the biodegradable plastic. It has become a key material for promoting the spread of biodegradable plastics

 ・Lower curing temperature of paint

 Conventional paints that use organic solvents require solutions to reduce outgassing due to environmental issues, occupational safety and health issues, and so on.

 Water-based cross-linking agents "CARBODILITE" have improved coating properties and high safety that were not possible with conventional water-based paints, and play a major role in expanding water-based paint.

 In addition to being water-based, “CARBODILITE”, which has low-temperature reactivity in the painting process, can lower the baking temperature of paints and shorten the time, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

 ・Plastic waste problem and biodegradable resin

 Recycling (material, thermal), reuse, biomass, etc. have been proposed as solutions to the problem of waste pollution caused by non-degradable plastics represented by marine microplastics. Biodegradable resin is one of the solutions that is expected to expand its industrial use.

 Powder modifier "CARBODILITE" can be added to biodegradable resin to improve hydrolysis resistance and adjust the period until the resin decomposes. It is high safety and can contribute to carbon neutral without disturbing the decomposition performance of biodegradable resin.


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Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.

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