Expansion of renewable energy sources through development of grid stabilizers technology

Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.


In order to contribute to decarbonization in Japan and overseas, we will develop businesses that contribute to grid stabilization to expand the introduction of renewable energy. In parallel with the above, we will work on the development of the following technologies to support our business:
・ Development of energy storage systems that is expected to adjust the fluctuations in renewable energy sources.
・ Development of aggregation systems for the domestic supply-demand adjustment market.
・ Development of energy management systems for microgrids in smart communities, remote islands and off-grid areas.


1. Technology development
In order to respond to the need for renewable energy to be the main power source, we will develop the following technologies:

(1) Development of energy storage systems
We will develop our own energy storage systems, which are expected to cope with fluctuations in renewable energy and to adjust their performance. We will contribute to the diffusion of energy storage systems that support the introduction of renewable energy, aiming to enable a cheaper and more flexible system configuration compared to the existing products.

In Europe, the electricity market using energy storage systems is growing. We are developing energy storage system business in the UK and other countries, and have acquired consistent expertise from project development to EPC, operation and maintenance. Also developing and operating a system to control the charging and discharging of this energy storage system, and we will continue to improve this system by accumulating our track record, giving us the know-how to stabilize the grid that will be needed when renewable energy is widely introduced in Japan.

(2) Development of aggregation systems
We have participated in the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) demonstration project from the beginning and acquired VPP-related technologies. We have partnered with European aggregators who are leading the way in the electric power market to learn about advanced aggregation systems that use renewable energy as a resource and provide the best suited aggregation systems for the Japanese market, which is about to take off.

(3) Development of energy management systems
We develop and provide energy management systems for smart communities that aim to combine renewable energy for local production for local consumption and creation of local communities, and improvement of their resilience. We are participating in the smart community promoted in Katsurao Village, that is an innovative project using 100% renewable energy, and will contribute to society with management technology that will accelerate the use of renewable energy as the main power source.

2. Activities related to diffusion and introduction
We will gain the expertise from Europe where is developed market of using renewable energy and give back to Japan and other countries. At the same time, we will accelerate the introduction of renewable energy and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by developing and deploying technologies in Japan.

(1) Domestic market
・ In the new power markets that will be launched in conjunction with power system reforms, we will utilize the know-how of our European power storage system and aggregation businesses.
・ We will develop business to stabilize the supply of energy using distributed power sources, mainly renewable energy, for smart communities and off-grid areas such as remote islands.
・ We will develop energy service business by introducing energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources for energy-intensive facilities.

(2) Overseas Microgrid and Renewable Energy Business
・ For remote islands and off-grid areas overseas where there is no electricity or a shortage of electricity supply, we will introduce a hybrid power generation and management system that utilizes renewable energy to develop all day and night electricity supply business.
・ We will develop new business that contribute to the development and improvement of other life infrastructures in line with the supply of electricity, and revitalize the region in line with the characteristics of the region and demand from other regions.

(3) Storage battery business in Europe
・ As the energy storage system business in Europe, we will provide one-stop services including planning, EPC, operation, maintenance, and aggregation.
・ We will expand our storage battery system business and contribute to grid stabilization through the use of storage battery systems that respond to the accelerated introduction of renewable energy.

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