Construction of a model for reducing CO2 emissions and hydrogen production costs by using renewable energy and hydrogen production technology

Tokuyama corporation

[Image.1] Outline diagram of hydrogen business

[Image.2] Targets


We will develop and demonstrate a large-scale hydrogen production facility utilizing renewable energy and alkaline water electrolysis technology to spread hydrogen. In order to reduce the cost of hydrogen, we will also study the utilization of oxygen that is generated simultaneously. Since electricity is difficult to store, it is necessary to always balance supply and demand. However, if a large amount of renewable energy with large fluctuations is introduced, it will be difficult to balance supply and demand.
On the other hand, since hydrogen is energy that can be stored for a long period of time, it is possible to produce and store hydrogen with surplus power, and to generate power with a fuel cell or thermal power generation if necessary. In addition, since the output of the alkaline water electrolysis equipment can be changed according to the fluctuation of the electric power, hydrogen production can be performed with the fluctuating renewable energy.
By linking these characteristics to business, we will promote the introduction of renewable energy equipment in Japan and overseas, and develop them as a measure against global warming.



・ Reduction of equipment cost
・ Procurement of cheap renewable electricity
・ Hydrogen storage and transport

・ Significant reduction of equipment cost by applying salt electrolysis technology
・ Examination of procurement method of cheap renewable electricity
・ In-plant utilization of co-produced oxygen
・ Development of new hydrogen storage and transportation methods

・ When the constructed business model is introduced to our Tokuyama Factory
CO2 reduction 300,000t/y
Hydrogen production cost 28JPY/Nm3
・ Contributing to an increase in the renewable energy ratio

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