Activities for reducing GHG of business operations in Nissin Electric Group

Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.


We calculated SCOPE3 in the Nissin Electric Group, which includes overseas, and identified that about 90% of SCOPE3 was derived from products.
Based on this, we are working to reduce greenhouse gases derived from products as well as our own emissions.
As for our company, we will work on energy conservation, introduction of renewable energy, and thorough management of SF6.
Regarding products, the Entire Group launched project activities, extracted ideas for energy saving products from each department and related companies, and raised GHG reductions.
Based on this, we will formulate a long-term plan and trace GHG reductions in our own activities and product realization in our medium-term plan.


Through corporate activities that support the foundations of society and industry, the Nissin Electric Group will harmonize with the environment and contribute toward realizing a vibrant society.
We Engage in Four Business Segments Underpinning the Foundations of Society and Industry, with a Focus on Power System Equipment: Power System Equipment, Charged Beam Equipment and Processing, Renewable Energy and Environment, Life Cycle Engineering.
In both fields, many products deal with large amounts of electricity for long periods of time and were expected to generate a lot of GHGs derived from products.
For this reason, we are promoting product life cycle assessments and developing products that reduce GHG while evaluating GHG emissions.
We have been accrediting and selling products that have reduced GHG more than a certain level as “Environmentally Friendly Products” (Type II Environmental Label)
In addition, in order to easily understand the GHG emissions from products of the entire Group, we have developed a “Simple Evaluation Method on Greenhouse Gas Emission” and used it to calculate SCOPE3.
In addition, in order to meet the social demands of the "Global Warming of 1.5 ºC Special Report", the international environmental organization SBTi: Science Based Targets We have announced that we are aiming to be certified by Initiative.
In the future, we will set long-term targets for fiscal 2030 and incorporate them into the medium-term plan for fiscal 2025.
In product development, we have launched SPSS and launched projects to reduce GHG of our products, and have developed ideas.
By realizing these ideas, we will contribute to GHG reduction.
In our infrastructure, we will introduce renewable energy and energy-saving equipment to systematically reduce energy consumption.
In addition, real-time management of GHG (SF6 gas) reduces atmospheric emission to the limit.

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