Risk Analysis and Insurance Services towards De-carbonization

MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.


We, MS&AD Insurance Group, tackle Climate Change through our Business Model, Story of Value Creation. “Identify and inform on risks”, “Prevent risks from occurring/minimize the impact” and “Reduce the economic burden” MS&AD Insurance Group with our insurance, financial services, consulting and Industry-government-academia collaboration, will materialize “Challenge Zero” with building up “Resilience of society against climate change”by our risk analysis and insurance products.


1. Identify and inform on risks
・ “ Flooding/Earthquake Preparation Proposal Campaign”  in response to rising interest for flooding/earthquake coverage. (MSI, ADI)
・ ” Interactive Map of Projected Flood Frequency under Climate Change” with academia collaboration (InterRisk)
・ “Climate change risk analysis service” that analyze physical risks stemming from climate change and transition risks to net-zero society. (InterRisk)
・ Provision of Water Risks (water depletion, water pollution and floods) analysis service for business sites with much water consumption due to climate change and social environment transition.(InterRisk)

2. Prevent risks from occurring/minimize the impact
・ “Weather Information Alert Service” that provides customized weather information suitable for each business. (InterRisk)
・ “Eco-DRR” research through Industry-government-academia collaboration where utilization of various functions of eco-system to disaster risk reduction. (HD)
・ Initiative for conservation and sustainable usage of natural capital of “SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform “
・ Support loss prevention and generation efficiency by analyzing issues and measures on running and maintenance of renewable energy. (MSI, InterRisk)

3. Reduce the economic burden
・ “” Real time loss prediction website to support prompt reconstruction from damages caused by natural disasters.(ADI)
・ “Smartphone Disaster Navigation”, smartphone applications providing useful information in catastrophic natural events.(MSI,ADI)
・ “Weather derivatives” financial derivative that covers damage caused by extreme weather.(MSI,ADI)
・  Insurance product lines supporting renewable energy business. (MSI,ADI)
・ Prompt insurance payment for damages due to catastrophic flood by utilizing advanced digital technology such as drones and AI.(MSI,ADI)

ADI  Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
HD  MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.
InterRisk  MS&AD Inter Risk Research & Consulting, Inc.
MSI  Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.


“Interactive Map of Projected Flood Frequency under Climate Change”:
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Institute of Industrial Science ,The University of Tokyo
Research on “Eco- DRR”:
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, an inter-university research institute corporation under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
“SDGs for Regional Revitalization Public-Private Partnership Platform”:
Cabinet Office
Aon Benfield Japan Ltd.
Yokohama National University

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Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Strive for Resilient Community Development

Products and services that contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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