Introduction of Renewable Energy and Reduction of Plastic Use to Achieve Carbon Neutral

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.


In December 2020, the Meiji Group established a long-term environmental vision — Meiji Green Engagement for 2050. This vision sets the following two targets when dealing with climate change, one aspect of our activities.

■Eliminate all CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions throughout our entire supply chain by 2050(carbon neutral)

■Use 100% renewable energy in facilities by 2050

With the aim of achieving carbon neutral, we will both embrace energy-saving activities, and actively utilize renewable energy sources centered around our production bases within Japan and overseas. We will also reduce our use of plastics and work to reduce CO₂ emissions throughout our entire supply chain.



The Meiji Group relies on the bounty of nature, including raw milk, cocoa, lactobacillus and microorganisms. We believe it is our duty to live in harmony with the environment and coexist with nature.

Based upon this awareness, and with the aim of a coexistence with nature, the Meiji Group established the environmental long-term vision—Meiji Green Engagement for 2050.

Climate change is part of this vision, and for this, we have set targets to achieve by2050 of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions such as CO₂ throughout our supply chain (carbon neutral), and ensuring that 100% of energy used at our company sites is from renewable sources. To make these goals a reality, we will actively promote the following measures towards using renewable energy.


【Use of Renewable Energy】

■Proactive introduction of renewable energy facilities

We will expand the introduction of solar power generation equipment with the aim of an annual reduction of 6,000t-CO₂ (compared to FY2019) by FY2028. Total investment is anticipated to be in the range of 3 billion yen, and our plan is to install solar power generation equipment at two to three plants each year.

■Proactive purchasing of renewable electricity

Aiming to have 100% of the electricity used at our business sites being from renewable energy, we are moving forward with purchasing electricity from renewable power generation sources. We are using 100% renewable electricity from renewable power generation sources at our Aichi Plant.

■Using biomass energy through methane fermentation

The Meiji Group is working to use biomass energy as one form of renewable energy.

Our Sakado Plant as well as Meiji Chewing Gum Co., Ltd. use methane gas emitted during the methane fermentation process as fuel for boilers and other equipment.


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