Carbon dioxide fixation using waste and effective use of immobilized materials



In June 2019, in cooperation with Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., and the JGC Group, we established the "CCSU research consortium (Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage with Utilization)" to develop new technologies for the fixation and use of carbon dioxide. We are engaged in joint research and development with universities and other organizations.
Specifically, the objective is to enable the reaction of industrial waste containing a large amount of calcium (waste concrete, etc.) with carbon dioxide emitted from factories, etc., and the resulting carbonate to be used as an industrial raw material.


・Challenges to be overcome for the realization
To develop a process for obtaining carbonate from solid industrial waste such as waste concrete at low cost and low energy from various concentrations of carbon dioxide.

・Specific action
Joint research and development of carbonate immobilization process with 3 companies (Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., JGC Group, and our company) and universities
(The role of our company is mainly to evaluate the function of the obtained carbonate and to develop new applications.)

The technology to be developed is as follows.
・Development of elemental technologies for higher efficiency
・Scale Up
・LCA evaluation and CO2 fixation cost evaluation
・Application of carbonates and by-products

The schedule for the future is to establish the basic technology during 2020 to 22. After that, the scale up decision is made, and after the bench examination from 2023 to 24, commercialization decision is made. After semi-commercial operation from 2025 to 30, the company aims to commercialize it.
*The role of our company is mainly to examine the use of carbonates and by-products.

・Quantitative effect of the challenge
There is a research report (Deloitte Thomas Consulting) that it is possible to immobilize up to 9.8 million tons of carbon dioxide when unused waste (waste concrete, incineration ash, etc.) is used as raw material for carbonation.


Cooperation with Idemitsu Kosan and JGC Group

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